MIUI 12.5 Tip: How to activate sleep mode in Xiaomi smartphone

Besides several functionalities of Xiaomi’s MIUI, one is Sleep Mode or Rest Mode. It is a most interesting service that will help you maintain your technological health in a fairly simple way.

Sleep mode mean CPU will be sleeping and it doesn’t accept any commands from android device except Radio interface layer and alarm. This feature helps you control usage during hours when you’re less likely to use apps on your device.


It is a functionality that allows you to automatically silence your phone. In this way, you can improve your rest by preventing any notification from waking you up.

Also, it is capable of coloring the MIUI interface in black and white, all in order to improve your rest. The fact of coloring the screen black and white will greatly improve your sleep.

In this article, we’ll see how to activate Sleep Mode or Rest Mode in a Mi, Redmi, and Poco smartphone. If you also want to learn the same, do check the steps mentioned below.


How to enable Rest Mode:

  • Head over Setting of your Xiaomi phone
  • Go to Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls
  • Go to Rest Mode and follow the instructions
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