New tablet received Radio certification, alleged to be upcoming Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

Earlier this morning a new device with model number M2105K81C has passed the radio certification in China. However, the certification listing doesn’t reveal the name of the device.

Whereas, a famous Weibo blogger- DigitalChat Station says that it is Xiaomi’s upcoming tablet, that is Mi Pad 5. Moreover, the radio certification listing reveals that the new product supports 5G networking.

Previously, it was reported that Mi Pad 5 is not a single tablet in the series. The lineup may include three high-end tablets, which are codenamed “Enuma”, “Elish”, and “Nabu” with model numbers K81, K81A, and K82 respectively.

However, all the models will not launch at the same time, one/two models will launch in early H2 while the other will launch later this year. Rumors also say that these devices may use different chips including Snapdragon 870, Snapdragon 860, and Snapdragon 888.


Recently, we have been informed that the tablet will adopt a right-angled edge design similar to Apple’s iPad Pro, as well as a thin and light body. About its display, it will have an LCD screen that supports a 120Hz high refresh rate.

Adding to this, its screen could be similar to the Mi MIX FOLD folding screen. This means that Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 will have functions such as a handheld PC mode, dual-screen drag and drop, parallel windows, and conference secretary.

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