Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max screen score announced: DXOMARK

DXOMARK announced the screen and audio scores of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a total screen score of 149, surpassing the previous iPhone 13 Pro Max and ranked first in the DXOMARK global screen rankings; the audio score is 142, ranking 9th in the DXOMARK global audio rankings.


Moreover, the official said that as the highest-end model of the iPhone 14 series, it consistently provides an excellent screen experience. Especially in terms of readability, it can be said that it really stands out and deserves the top spot. This model is the brightest screen DXOMARK has ever tested.

It excels in outdoor readability, with 2000 nits of brightness when viewing photos in sunlight. This outdoor readability improvement isn’t seen in all reading scenarios, such as web browsing, though. The video experience is also great: contrast and detail are very natural when watching HDR video, and rendering is very realistic in low light; frame loss is almost invisible when playing video games.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max DxoMark scoreIn terms of audio, DXOMARK said that this model showed good performance in all audio scene tests. The overall audio experience is similar to that of the previous iPhone 13 Pro Max, with better playback performance giving the overall score a slight improvement this time around.

The device provided an overall good playback experience, especially for listening to music and watching movies. In terms of recording, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is great for recording videos and selfie videos, and it also has a good recording performance for very loud content such as concerts.


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