Xiaomi released new list of End of Life wearables

Xiaomi wearable list

Recently, Xiaomi released a list of End of Life devices that includes these devices that will not receive any new software updates such as security updates, major MIUI versions, and Android OS. Right now, Xiaomi has updated a list of End of Life smartwatches and bands that the company killed off recently.

Xiaomi has several wearables devices such as the Mi Smart Band series and Xiaomi Watch, and also released the new POCO Watches. Due to new watches, the company is killing off its previous Redmi and Xiaomi watches.

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Xiaomi wearable list

On the End of Life list, wearables are the most recent additions to add such as Mi Smart Band 4, Xiaomi Watch, and Xiaomi Watch Color Keith Haring Edition. Below you can see the complete official list of Xiaomi End of Life wearables.

The official list of Xiaomi End-of-Life wearables:


  • Mi Smart Band 1
  • Mi Smart Band 2
  • Mi Smart Band 3
  • Mi Smart Band 3i
  • Mi Smart Band 4


  • Xiaomi Watch
  • Xiaomi Watch Color Keith Haring Edition

If you are using any of these wearables, we suggest, you can purchase the supported wearable of Xiaomi such as the latest POCO Watches. because these wearables will not get any official support from Xiaomi.


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