Leaked MIUI 13 screenshots reveal its design

Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 is about to reach the market. Ahead of the launch, we get familiar with several features of it. Meanwhile, the new information reveals the screenshot of the new-gen MIUI.

Recently, some online users have shared some screenshots of the MIUI 13 interface on the Xiaomi community, Weibo, and some overseas platforms. These screenshots show some UI changes in the new version.


It looks like the MIUI 13 has features like floating widgets and custom notification management for specific scenarios. Moreover, the location of the MIUI 13 default search bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen.

MIUI 13 Screenshots

Besides, the new version is said to adopt a new distributed menu design including camera, video, health, smart home, battery, power, and others. Some of the features of MIUI 13 that we have come to know so far are –

  • RAM Expansion Feature

Xiaomi is currently testing the memory expansion and AI subtitle function of MIUI 13 for all of its eligible devices. Also, there are new interactions in the small window that will make it better. After the function is turned on, the system will provide an additional 3.0GB of running memory.

  • Redesigned MIUI

The most significant changes over the current MIUI 12 would be in the design and looks. The MIUI 13 will reportedly come with new animations and fonts. It will also have redesigned app icons and fresh wallpapers.

  • Optimized Dark Mode

This optimized dark mode will avoid being applied in applications that have their own dark mode, it will deactivate itself completely on detection of such apps. Therefore, color conflicts that would not allow us to see the interface correctly would be avoided.

  • New Visual Design

The homepage can be customized. Adding to documents, pictures, videos, music, compressed packages, installation packages, transmission, and downloads, users can also place screenshots, cameras, WeChat, Baidu Cloud, and other folders on the homepage for more direct access.

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