Xiaomi MIUI 13.5 Tip: What is Voice Changer in Game Turbo and how to use

Since mobile gaming becoming a bigger aspect day by day, gaming optimizations have also become an important aspect for smartphones these days. Keeping this priority in mind, the Game turbo was introduced on Xiaomi phones.

It is a framework enhancement that results in CPU and GPU optimization. Once it is enabled, it provides a bunch of customizations including General settings, Performance mode, Game DND, and Additional settings for the user.


Users can also customize individual games according to their gaming habits. They can also check selected system features such as turn off auto-brightness, turn off reading mode, and more to enhance the gaming experience.

Here in this article, we will see, how to use the Voice changer feature of Game Turbo. This is an interesting way to trick your opponents in the game with various voices. If you love playing games, you would definitely love this feature. Below you can check how to use this function.

How to use the Voice changer in Game Turbo?

  • First of all, it’s a must to enable Game Turbo, you can do that from the security app > Game Turbo settings > enable it.
  • You would find that in-game shortcuts are enabled by default, and with this, you can swipe from the top side edge of the screen to view when in-game.
  • Open the in-game shortcut, expand the menu by tapping on the arrow.
  • You will find the Voice Changer option over there. Tap on it.

Moving forward, after you perform these steps a popup menu will appear with various voices –  Man, Women, Robot, Cartoon, etc. You can press and hold the try button for a maximum of 10 seconds to record your voice and then use any of the listed voices to have fun.

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It’s an amazing as well as cute feature. Once you enable it, your voice will be converted to any voice you selected. It will send the selected changed voice to Other players in the Game when your mic is turned on.

You can enjoy this feature for any of the games you play but usually, this feature can be best used for PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, or any other such games. Voice changer comes with Game Turbo  and currently supported for a limited number of devices.

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