Samsung abandons plans to diversify 3D NAND flash photoresist suppliers: Report

According to the latest report, Samsung Electronics, which is committed to diversifying 3D NAND flash photoresist suppliers, has abandoned this plan because it failed to find a supplier that meets the requirements.


Moreover, Samsung Electronics has been in contact with at least 4 potential suppliers, all of which are Japanese manufacturers, including the world’s largest photoresist supplier Tokyo Ying Chemical Industry, but sources revealed that none of them meet the requirements of Samsung Electronics.

The sources mentioned in the report that Samsung Electronics has contacted Japanese photoresist suppliers many times to find new suppliers, but they have never been able to meet the requirements in terms of thickness.

Samsung photoresist suppliersAs a key material in the production of advanced 3D NAND flash memory, Samsung Electronics has always been supplied by South Korea’s local Dongjin Semicon, and before they started producing 3D NAND flash memory in 2013, Samsung Electronics cooperated with this company to develop a photoresist.

Tokyo Ying Chemical Industry and other manufacturers are unable to request it, which means that Samsung Electronics will still use DONJIN SEMIKEN’s photoresist when producing 3D NAND flash memory in the future. It will remain the exclusive supplier for some time to come.


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