Samsung Electronics completes mass shipment of HKMG DDR5 memory chips

Samsung Electronics began commercializing DDR5 DRAM last year, which is the first DRAM technology developed by the High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) process in the industry. Analyst firm Tech Insights said Samsung Electronics has supplied G.Skill with DDR5 DRAM memory particles based on High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) technology.

“We have confirmed that Samsung Electronics’ HKMG DDR5 DRAM is used in G.SKILL Trident Z5 series products.” The agency also expects HKMG to become the new standard in the next-generation DRAM industry.


TechInsights has been dismantling various IT products on the market and analyzing the chip information embedded in the devices. Through this dismantling, TechInsights revealed the mass-produced products of Samsung Electronics HKMG DDR5 DRAM and released photos of its internal circuit.

Samsung HKMG DDR5 ShipmentSamsung Electronics first announced the successful development of DDR5 DRAM in March last year, realizing the large-scale application of the HKMG process for the first time in the industry. According to reports, the data processing speed of DDR5 is twice that of DDR4, and it can reach 4800MHz at the start, and the capacity will also be improved, but the delay will increase relatively.

HKMG technology is traditionally used in logic semiconductor devices. Compared with traditional material technology, HKMG can significantly improve leakage. Samsung has said that this technology can reduce memory power consumption by about 13%, which is important for applications such as data centers that focus on energy efficiency. Meaning, but Samsung did not disclose the actual commercialization of memory, but said, “We plan to commercialize memory in time for customer demand in the next generation.

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