Xiaomi’s Xiao Ai app renamed as Xiaoai Voice app

Xiaomi officially stated that Xiao Ai will be upgraded from a voice assistant to a personal smart assistant. The upgraded Xiao Ai will be a series of smart products such as Xiao Ai Voice (formerly Xiao Ai Class APP), Xiao Ai Vision, Xiao Ai Translator, Xiao Ai Call, and so on.


At the same time, the renamed Xiaoai Voice will continue to be committed to creating an intelligent voice assistant that understands users best and will continue to enrich its voice interaction capabilities.

At present, when searching for Xiao Ai in the Xiaomi App Store, only Xiao Ai Voice App will appear, and the Xiao Ai Voice product introduction page shows, “Xiao Ai, more than just voice”.

Xiaoai Voice app features

After updating Xiaoai Voice, users can see that the current Xiaoai classmates are composed of Xiaoai Voice, who is responsible for “one sentence to solve all kinds of things”, Xiaoai Vision, who is responsible for “scanning codes to identify documents”, and Xiaoai Vision, who is responsible for “multilingual intelligence”. “Translation” consists of Xiao Ai’s translation and Xiao Ai’s call who is responsible for “intelligent anti-harassment and leakage prevention”.

According to a previous report, Xiaomi announced on August 26 that Xiaomi MIUI “Scan” was officially upgraded to “Xiao AI Vision”, and “AI Call” was officially upgraded to “Xiao AI Call”.


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