Download: New POCO launcher V4.38 update – V22.6.16 [Updated]

POCO Launcher 4.0

POCO launcher is a fast and lightweight launcher and is designed especially for POCO phones. It is an excellent Launcher built around organization and elegance. It also brings several features such as App suggestions, and icon color categories, and it manages the app by group categories and creates custom groups to find things a tap away.

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[22.6.16] POCO Launcher 4.0 V4.38.0.4909-06151143 Stable Update:

Recently, the POCO launcher 4.0 is receiving a new update that comes with the build number V4.38.0.4909-06151143 and fixes bugs as well as brings stability improvements.

Interested POCO device users can download this application via APKMirror. For instant download, you can also click on the link mentioned below.

Download the latest version of the new POCO launcher: 

POCO Launcher 4.0

[June 11, 2022]

[22.6.10] POCO Launcher 4.0 V4.38.0.4907-06101759 Stable Update:

Recently, the POCO launcher is receiving a new update, that comes with build number V4.38.0.4907-06101759. This new update comes with some improvements and fixes bugs.

Now you can download the new update for the new POCO launcher via the link mentioned below,

Download the latest version of the new POCO launcher:

[June 07, 2022]

Recently, Xiaomi has incorporated the many new features to the POCO launcher into it by implementing a new update. This update also fixes several bugs that impact the POCO users.

According to the information, this update introduced the new wallpaper zoom animation and animation speed. Moreover, this update solves the problem of the home setup restart and lag issues on the POCO X series. At last, this update almost solves 90% of issues by implementing a new update.

This update currently running on the V4.36.0.4626-05201636 version number. Now you can install the latest version, users have to download the software package of about 20.70 MB via the below link.

Download the latest version of the POCO launcher:

What’s new:

  • Fixed home setup restart;
  • Fixed lag issues on x series;
  • Added animation speed;
  • Added wallpaper zoom animation;
  • Almost 90% of bugs are fixed.


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