Xiaomi has replaced its MIUI phone apps with Google apps due to worldwide privacy laws and restrictions

Xiaomi replaced MIUI phone apps

There was a time when all smartphone brands use the Android-based OEMs with their own stock app. But this trend has almost disappeared over the years. Also, the smartphone brands including Xiaomi started replacing their default dialer, messaging, and other apps with the Google apps.

Xiaomi announced in 2022 that all its devices that launch internationally will be changed with Google’s Phone and Messages apps. That’s why, if you have a Xiaomi smartphone running Global or EEA ROM, you cannot install MIUI Dialer and Messaging.

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Xiaomi replaced MIUI phone apps

Xiaomi has replaced its MIUI phone apps with Google apps due to worldwide privacy laws and restrictions:

According to the community forum post, “All devices that got/will get launched globally after Mi 9T Pro (including itself as well), were/will be pushed out with Google Phone, Messages and no longer deliver pre-installed MIUI Dialer, Messaging. It is due to privacy laws and restrictions around the globe – these devices are now making use of GMS or Google Mobile Services,” below you can read the full official statement by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi replaced some of the MIUI Phone apps with Google Apps

MIUI interface is a popular Android ROM, developed by Xioami which includes various features such as theme support, widget, text, and more. It provides a better experience and an eye-pleasing design. Also, MIUI applications offer superior design and functionality.

Moreover, MIUI brings many system apps like Dialer, Messaging, Mi File Manager, Mi Calculator, Recorder, Mi Share, Mi Music, Mi Video, and many other apps.

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