Xiaomi wishes to make AI Call more realistic by using users’ donated voice

Xiaomi AI Calls

Today, Xiaomi offers users an invitation and welcomes everyone to become Xiaomi’s voice donor. Your voice will be used to match people with speech disabilities. According to information, Xiaomi AI call performed the text to speech communication, but some users are still eager to use their “own voice” to speak.

According to Xiaomi, When your voice is matched with the speech disabilities users. You will be invited to record further donations. And also your voice is used for the development, data model training research, or the use of radio in Xiaomi’s products. Also, your voice will not be used for other purposes.

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Xiaomi AI Calls

To achieve such sound optimization, to need a sound matching algorithm to find matching donors for the recipient. And also need super anthropomorphic technology to make the synthetic voice more natural. If you are interested to donate your voice, you can check the donate link below.

Xiaomi AI calls:

Xiaomi AI calls is a feature that helps speech disability users answer phone calls. This feature is similar to Google’s call screen feature. However, this feature cannot respond fortuitously. It can understand the words of the other party and say the sentences you have already set.


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