How to enable MIUI 13 Control Center on MIUI 12 based Xiaomi device

MIUI 13 Control Center

With MIUI 13, Xiaomi brings several new features customizations options to enhance user experiences. Along with this, the company brings some changes to Control Center. With the new MIUI 13 control center, the brightness slider is transferred and a new volume slide has been added, both are present in the big squares on the control center.

Furthermore, the Control Center includes new features that improve the Notification Bar to MIUI 12, which opens in a single swipe either to the right or left. Now, it comes the notification and control centers are more comfortable to access, it also easy to switch to notification and toggle windows. In this article, we discuss tips that how to enable MIUI 13 control center features in MIUI 12.

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MIUI 13 Control Center

This new feature work on only MIUI 13 based on Android 12 devices. If you have MIUI 12 based on Android 11 or MIUI 12.5 devices, you do not need to install the latest changes. If your devices run on MIUI 13, you will be available to use these changes by installing the app via the link. However, you can not officially get MIUI 13 Control Center interface on MIUI 12, but, you can get the experience of the new MIUI 13 control center by a third-party app, the Control Center Mi 13 Style

How to enable MIUI 13 Control Center on MIUI 12?

  • First, install Control Center Mi 13 Style app via Play Store
  • After installation, it will ask some permission.
  • Click on the Control center layout switch.
  • Turn it on accessibility settings.
  • Go back to the app.
  • Click on Control Center Permissions.
  • Say Yes on the dialog box
  • Click on Enable Notifications switch and turn it on in the notification settings.

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