Xiaomi released dual-core water purifier 1000G

Xiaomi has now announced the launch of the Xiaomi dual-core water purifier 1000G, with a pre-sale price of 2,999 yuan ( USD 474), and the final payment on March 8.


According to reports, this water purifier industry’s first dual RO filtration technology, 5-year long-term RO membrane, supports an 8-stage deep fine filtration, 4-cavity bass pump, has 1000G flux, 2.65L/min flow, and the highest 4:1 pure wastewater ratio, no stale water at all times, and can also display the TDS value of the faucet.

Moreover, the life of this product is increased by 150%, the pure wastewater ratio is increased by 100%, and the water output speed is increased by 76.6%.

Furthermore, it also supports the intelligent control of the Mijia App and adopts a magnetic acrylic cover plate and a horizontal extraction filter design.

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