Xiaomi could launch Mi 11 Pro with 67W wireless fast charge technology

Later the last month, Xiaomi officially released its Mi 11, the first smartphone to be equipped with Snapdragon 888 chipset. Meanwhile, the new clues suggest that the company is working on at least two phones with 67W wireless charging support.

Well, for now, we can’t be sure if the Mi 11 Pro is one of those two devices, but the evidence point towards this being the case. Also, it is hard to imagine that Xiaomi’s premium Pro model won’t feature the company’s fastest wireless charging tech to date.

In the recent MIUI 12.5 beta build, XDA Member found a new string array titled “keyguard_wireless_strong_charge_67w” that contains two items, such as star and mars.

The model name of “Star” ends in K1, and the model name of Mars ends in K1A. This shows that the two devices are related, maybe one of them is a regional variant of the other.


Adding to this, they’ve also suspected that at least the “star” model will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform because it appears in a constant named “s8350” and is associated with “venus” (the code name of Mi 11) and “Cetus” (the code name for Xiaomi’s upcoming folding smartphone) appeared side by side.

Some previous reports also indicate that Xiaomi’s new flagship machine is testing 80W wireless charging and it could be the upcoming Mi 11 Pro. We don’t know if it’s ready for mass production, but it’s true that Xiaomi is testing 80W wireless charging. 

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As there’s no evidence suggesting future Xiaomi phones with 80W wireless charging technology, it could be possible that the company is still not ready to equip a smartphone with this.

In order to control heat generation, it may also be possible that Xiaomi is purposely limiting the maximum power to 67W rather than 80W. Although there’s good evidence that the company is going with 67W wireless charging in a future product, they’ve even gone ahead and prepared a logo for it.

Again, there’s no sign that Mi 11 Pro will support 67W wireless charging, but it will not take long for us to know the truth. Because a leak points that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will be released on February 12.

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