Redmi Note 12 series gets 3C certificate, launch seems imminent

Redmi released two new models, Note 11T Pro and Note 11T Pro+. Yesterday, a revealer revealed the specification information of its iterative product, the new Redmi Note 12 series.

According to the revealer @Digital Chat Station, the new Redmi Note 12 series has passed the 3C quality certification. Among them, the Redmi Note 12 standard version code-named “M16” is still equipped with a 67W wired fast charge, and the highlight is code-named “M16U” of high-end models.


In the comment area, some users asked about the specification of the Redmi tablet. The revealer said that this time Redmi has only one entry-level tablet, and the price of the Xiaomi tablet has reached as low as USD 208. There are differences between the Redmi tablet and the Xiaomi tablet.

Redmi Note 12 series chargingAccording to the revealer’s previous revelations, the new Redmi Note 12 series may use the new MediaTek Dimensity 1 series platform, which uses TSMC technology, and a highlight of the new Redmi Note 12 series is the flagship fast charge.

On August 26, Xiaomi updated the chargers MDY-12-ED and 13-EU. The updated two support 17V-10.5A up to 178.5W and 20V-10.5A up to 210W super flash charge respectively. Given that the previous Redmi Note 11T Pro+ already supports 120W fast charging, the new Redmi Note 12 series launched this time is expected to support 180W or even 210W fast charging.

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