Steam Deck Handheld successfully runs Sony PS Vita Emulator

PlayStation Vita is a handheld game console launched by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) in 2011, referred to as PSV, and then launched PSV-2000 in 2013, and stopped the first-party game development plan in 2015, announced the official discontinuation in 2019.


While the PS Vita may seem outdated, the handheld console that represents many people’s childhoods still has its charms, such as elegant design and versatile gameplay. YouTuber @ETA Prime has brought a tutorial on how to play PSV games on the Steam Deck platform.

In short, Steam Deck can run the PSV emulator “Vita 3K”, so the capacity of the running game library has been greatly expanded. Additionally, PSV supports Netflix streaming, potential use for PSV emulators on Steam Deck handhelds.

Steam Deck Handheld runs Sony PS

The Vita 3K is an emulator that supports Windows and Linux systems, is still in early development, and doesn’t yet support all PSV games. Still, as “the world’s first functional PlayStation Vita emulator,” it’s doing pretty well, and there will be more and more emulation games to play.

ETA Prime said there might be a problem with the AMD GPU that Steam Deck uses to run PS Vita software, as he mentioned that many PS Vita emulations run better on Intel-equipped Windows computers he also tried.

In addition, YouTuber @The Phawx also released a video in March this year, showing the effect of Steam Deck running the emulator, and he also published a tutorial on how to install the related software but was later warned by Nintendo to remove it.

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