Solid-state batteries still not a game-changer: Prime Planet Energy

According to the latest report, Toyota and Panasonic joint venture battery company Prime Planet President Hiroaki Koda said in an interview that solid-state batteries will become a game changer in the electric vehicle industry but there’s still a long way to go.


Hiroaki Koda said new liquid-based lithium-ion batteries will dominate over the next decade, and the development of the next generation has begun, with the goal of launching by 2025.

Moreover, Toyota and Panasonic established a joint venture, Prime Planet Energy & Solutions, in 2020. Investment ratio: Toyota invested 51%; Panasonic invested 49%.

Solid state batteriesPrime’s business scope: development, manufacture, and sales of high-capacity/high-output square lithium-ion batteries; development, manufacture, and sales of all-solid-state batteries for vehicles.

In addition to the above businesses, next-generation batteries for vehicles include products developed according to new principles of development, manufacturing, and sales; other incidental and related businesses.


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