Xiaomi Auto Technology filed patent for ‘vehicle payment method, device, vehicle, storage medium and chip’

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Recently, Xiaomi Auto Technology Co., Ltd. filed a patent for ” vehicle payment method, device, vehicle, storage medium, and chip “. The patent abstract shows that the present disclosure relates to the technical field of vehicle payment, in particular to a vehicle payment method, device, vehicle, storage medium, and chip.


The method includes:

  • Obtain the location of the vehicle, and determine whether there is a toll point within the preset distance on the driving route in front of the vehicle according to the location of the vehicle and the location identifier on the map, and if so, enable the preset payment function;
  • When the preset payment function is turned on, obtain the environmental image collected by the camera device; identify the payment code in the environmental image and analyze the payment code to obtain the payment information of this time driving out of the toll point;
  • The payment information is displayed, and a corresponding payment action is performed in response to the user confirming the payment information.

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The present disclosure can solve the problem of fee settlement in the process of driving the vehicle out of the charging point at a lower cost, and greatly reduce the degree of manual participation. The user only needs to confirm the payment information, and then the payment can be made directly in the vehicle, which can maximize the settlement efficiency.

Moreover, Xiaomi officially announced the production of cars at the end of March last year and registered and established Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd. in September last year to be responsible for the smart electric vehicle business. It is expected that the first model will be mass-produced in 2024, and a number of related patents.


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