Redmi K50 Extreme Edition officially confirmed to release this month

Redmi officially announced that the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition will be released this month. After that, Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, posted some information on the phone on Weibo.

Lu Weibing said that the positioning of the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition is completely different from the past, and it is a real super-sized cup. He clearly asked the team to let go of the shackles, don’t be tangled, and good things can come up, and this is the ultimate masterpiece that combines all the hard-core technologies of Redmi.


According to Lu Weibing, Redmi’s internal definition of “supreme” is: to focus on Redmi’s technical strength, to be the most extreme experience, the most hard-core technology, and to become a flagship pioneer leading Redmi’s progress. Among them, the Redmi K40 Extreme Edition has undergone repeated choices due to strict cost constraints. After dozens of difficult rounds of adjustment, the internal divisions remained strong, so it was finally decided not to release the K40 Extreme Edition.

Lu Weibing said that the core of this year’s K50 Extreme Edition is the release of extreme performance. The device adopts a newly upgraded cooling system. With the support of the high energy efficiency ratio of Snapdragon 8+ and Redmi’s unreserved adjustment, the performance schedule is fully opened. At the same time, the K50 Extreme Edition makes up for the small regrets of the K50 Pro and will be a comprehensive bucket flagship.

It is worth mentioning that Redmi used the original image quality and BOSS battles to maximize the load of the “Genshin Impact” game, and adjusted the test time from half an hour to test the phone out of power. After such an extreme test, Redmi said that “the K50 Extreme Edition completely conquered “Genshin Impact”.

The Redmi K50 Extreme Edition has been launched online and will have 8GB+128GB and 12GB+256GB versions. And 3C certification shows that the device will support 120W fast charging.


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