Xiaomi community has launched IP territorial function in China

After major Internet platforms such as Weibo and WeChat successively displayed IP territorial information, the Xiaomi community also began to display user IP territorial information. According to Xiaomi employees, the online IP territorial function of the Xiaomi community is based on the relevant regulations of the 2022 version of the Internet User Account Information Management Regulations.


The regulation states that Internet information service providers shall display the Internet Protocol (IP) address attribution information of Internet user accounts within a reasonable range on the Internet user account information page, so as to facilitate the public to implement supervision for the public interest.

On the personal homepage of the Xiaomi community, the IP territorial will be displayed under the user’s nickname. At the same time, the user’s IP location will be displayed when the user posts and replies.

In March this year, Weibo announced that it would test and open the IP attribution display of some Chinese users. Up to now, Toutiao, Douyin, Zhihu, Kuaishou, Douban, Station B, etc. have all displayed account IP territories on their personal homepages. Among them, Weibo, Douyin, and Station B also display the MCN organization to which the account belongs on the home page of the user account.


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