What is Accessibility menu in MIUI 13? Here’s how you can use it

Accessibility menu

If you enable the Accessibility menu shortcut on your Xiaomi device, an additional tool appears in the bottom right corner of the Home screen. This feature provides several shortcuts to manage the Home screen.

The Accessibility menu feature can read all content on the home screen and display content over other apps. Furthermore, It tracks your interactions with an app and interacts with apps on your behalf.

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Accessibility menu

In this article Let’s get to know how you can enable the Accessibility menu on your MIUI 13 devices.

How to enable Accessibility menu on MIUI 13:

  • Step-1: Go to the Settings of your phone.
  • Step-2: Scroll down and tap on the Additional settings.
  • Step-3: Tap on Accessibility.
  • Step-4: Select the Accessibility menu.
  • Step-5: Then Turn on the “Accessibility menu shortcut”.

By the above-mentioned steps, you can easily enable the Accessibility menu on your Xiaomi MIUI 13 devices.

enable the Accessibility menu on your MIUI 13 devices

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