Tips: How to fix Xiaomi black screen problem?

Xiaomi Black Screen Problem

Xiaomi Black screen problem can just be a minor firmware issue of Xiaomi devices unless it is caused by hardware damage. In this article, we explain how to fix Xiaomi black screen problem.

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How to Fix Xiaomi Black Screen Problem? 

Every phone has a different explanation when it comes to the problem of a black screen, but we will go through the common problems that you might have seen on your Xiaomi smartphone.

So we will show you some effective methods that you can follow to fix a Xiaomi smartphone that is stuck on a black screen or won’t turn on the problem.

Xiaomi Black Screen Problem

Restart the Phone

Restarting the phone is a simple and probably very common solution for the Xiaomi black screen problem. Generally, the black screen problem can be caused by a glitch, and it can usually be resolved by cleaning the memory of the phone.

Reset the Phone

The second option is resetting your phone. This solution will not harm your photos or apps, it will just restart your phone. Also, you can do a factory restore of your Xiaomi phone but this will result in completely deleting the data on your phone.

Process of the Factory restore:

  • Pressing on the Home button and volume up/down button.
  • A select menu titled system recovery.
  • Click on Wipe data.

Charge the Phone 

Try charging the phone and make sure the battery is fully charged before attempting to turn it on. There may be a possibility that your black screen problem on your phone is due to the draining of your phone battery.

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