Xiaomi launched Mijia Curtain Companion

Xiaomi launched the Mijia Curtain Companion, which supports a variety of opening and closing methods and intelligent linkage. The retail price starts at 349 yuan (USD 55), and the crowdfunding price starts at 299 yuan (USD 47).

Among them, the crowdfunding price of the track version is 299 yuan (USD 47), and the crowdfunding price of the Roman pole version is 349 yuan (USD 55). The crowdfunding will start at 10:00 am on March 9.


The product page shows that the Mijia Curtain Companion does not need to modify the track, and can make traditional curtains smart quickly by hanging them. It supports the mainstream rail types on the market such as Roman poles, U-shaped tracks, and I-shaped tracks.

In terms of control, the Mijia Curtain Companion supports a variety of control methods, including voice control by Xiao Ai, viewing the status of the curtains, and controlling the opening and closing ratio of the curtains through the Mijia App.

If the user needs to open and close the curtains in both directions, the group control can be set in the Mijia App (two Mijia Curtain Companions are required to be used together).

In addition, the Mijia Curtain Companion can pull up to 12kg of curtains, has a built-in 6400mAh lithium-ion battery, and supports a 6-month long battery life mode and 4-month normal mode use.

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