Xiaomi’s public welfare platform added a TV access portal of the original official website

On January 20, the second phase of Xiaomi’s public welfare platform was fully launched. This time, with the theme of “Caring for Children, Warming the New Year”, it covers public welfare projects for minors such as education assistance, special disabled care, and nutrition improvement. In addition, Xiaomi’s public welfare platform has also added a new access portal for Xiaomi TV, becoming the first public welfare platform with TV as an intelligent hardware portal.

According to the introduction of Xiaomi’s public welfare platform, a total of 9 non-profit organizations have entered this time, including China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, China Social Welfare Foundation, China Hearing Medicine Development Foundation, China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation, China Social Assistance Foundation, China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation, Amity Foundation, Angel Mom Charity Fund, Sina Yangfan Public Welfare Fund.


Moreover, there are various types of projects launched this time, including the future engineer plan, Kunpeng student assistance, free lunch, love packages, etc., together to send care to children of different ages and needs. With the launch of the new project, the Xiaomi Public Welfare Platform has added a TV access portal on the basis of the original official website, one screen of the MIUI system, Xiaomi community, Xiaomi mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Xiaomi official new media, and other portals.

As a result, Xiaomi’s public welfare platform has become the first public welfare platform with an entrance to smart hardware such as TV. Enter the “Xiaomi Public Welfare” area through “My” – “Other Functions” on the TV homepage, browse the videos of public welfare projects and scan the QR code to make donations.

This move not only allows the public welfare projects on the Xiaomi public welfare platform to reach more users and gather more good deeds but also further enriches the new model of “Internet + public welfare” and creates a new scenario of “public welfare platform + intelligent hardware”, allowing Public welfare has become more convenient and efficient.

On November 30, 2021, the Xiaomi Public Welfare Platform was officially launched as one of the third batches of Internet fundraising information platforms for charitable organizations designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Up to now, a total of 19 public welfare organizations have settled in the Xiaomi public welfare platform, and the online charity projects involve education assistance, rural revitalization, and special disabled care.

Furthermore, the children’s care topic launched this time has enriched the types of projects on the Xiaomi public welfare platform, and at the same time added the access portal of Xiaomi TV, which fully reflects the Xiaomi public welfare platform’s long-standing concern and support for talent training and technological innovation.

The Xiaomi Public Welfare Platform stated that in the future, it will continue to rely on Xiaomi’s platform advantages of “software + hardware + Internet” to explore a new scenario-based model of charitable donations in the digital economy era, so as to send care and help to more people in need.

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