Xiaomi 12 Pro won ‘Most AI Performance Mobile Phone’ 2021 Master Lu horn award

Master Lu teamed up with Henan Satellite TV to bring a national-style technology award ceremony and selected various types of Master Lu’s 2021 top-notch awards. Among them, Xiaomi 12 Pro won the “Most AI Performance Mobile Phone” in Master Lu’s 2021 Niujiao Award.

Moreover, Master Lu commented: What you see with your eyes is what AI recognizes. The sharpness of performance is irresistible, and the ultimate softness is born in the middle. With the clever use of AI intelligence, Xiaomi 12 Pro has achieved the realm of man-machine integration.


The seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine, which integrates a separate AI computing module and DSP, improves performance by 4 times and combines rigidity and flexibility. When the decisive battle of force has passed, what is more, terrifying than force is to give mobile phones intelligence.

In addition to AI performance, Master Lu also said that Xiaomi 12 Pro is the pinnacle of performance, with a running score of 1.15 million. It is the first model with a running score of over one million. Regardless of its unrivaled ceiling configuration, it combines performance and image quality at the same time.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that in Master Lu’s December Android mobile phone smoothing list, Xiaomi 12 Pro also topped the list with 216.20 points, followed by Xiaomi 12 with a score of 210.04 points. This is not only due to the powerful performance of the Snapdragon 8, but also the system benefit of a new generation of MIUI 13 so that the Xiaomi 12 series can fully play the due level of the Snapdragon 8. At present, the Xiaomi 12 series is indeed the first-tier flagship of the Android camp, and it is excellent in all aspects.

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