Xiaomi MIUI Music App gets new update, supports Tencent King Card

The Xiaomi MIUI Music App has now ushered in the version update, which supports Tencent King Card. Users can listen to songs, download and watch videos without consuming data.


In addition to supporting the Tencent King Card, the Xiaomi MIUI Music App in the new version can also listen to personalized radio stations and 30 songs per day without logging in to the account. At the same time, some login experiences have been optimized and some bugs have been fixed.

Moreover, the financial report shows that as of November 22, 2021, the number of MIUI 30-day monthly active users in the world exceeded 500 million.

In December 2021, Xiaomi also released the new MIUI 13 system. MIUI 13 adds three privacy protection functions, face verification protection, privacy watermark protection, and electricity fraud protection, and brings a new system font MiSans.

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