MIUI 13 does not have a built-in China Anti-fraud Center App: Xiaomi

MIUI 13 logo

Xiaomi recently released MIUI 13, a new system-level full-link anti-fraud, which runs through the entire link of telecommunications fraud, and provides “electrical fraud warning”, “official logo”, and “fraud application installation interception” “Transfer Protection” multiple guards.


Previously, Xiaomi customer service said that the system-level full-link anti-fraud function of MIUI 13 is in cooperation with the China Anti-Fraud Center, which can protect users’ property in many ways. As a result, many users speculated whether MIUI 13 has a built-in China Anti-Fraud Center App.

Recently, officials from the Xiaomi community responded that MIUI 13 does not have a built-in China Anti-Fraud Center App. In addition, in the communication between users and manual customer service, the customer service also denied the built-in anti-fraud center App.

MIUI 13 logoMoreover, China Anti-Fraud Center App is an official application launched at the national level to prevent fraud. It integrates multiple functions such as reporting assistants, reporting clues, risk inquiries, fraud warnings, and the latest scam exposures, which can effectively prevent fraud and protect the “money bag” of the masses.

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