MIUI 13 renamed Mi devices to Xiaomi in My Device section

Xiaomi’s Mi branding is the most notable label among all Xiaomi brands. The ‘Mi’ brand has been its common trademark for the past 10 years. Recently, the tech giant announced that it will stop the ‘Mi’ branding from its future products, even many smartphones have arrived without Mi branding.

Meanwhile now, it seems that in MIUI 13, all new as well as old products will have Xiaomi branding instead of Mi. As it can be seen in the screenshots below, Xiaomi has renamed Mi devices to Xiaomi in Mi Cloud or My Device section.


These are the old Mi smartphones that have been renamed Xiaomi (xiaomiui). However, at this moment, we cannot clarify if this rule will be limited to China or will be followed in all regions. Well, the ‘Mi branding’ has been ditched from all products worldwide.


MIUI 13 Release Date:

As of now, the officials are yet to confirm the launch date for MIUI 13. We expect that it will be introduced alongside Xiaomi 12 smartphones this month. Of course, it will make its first debut in China and later in international markets.

So far, we met several leaks and rumors about MIUI 13. Going by them, the next-gen MIUI will come with features like floating widgets, RAM extension, document watermark, optimized dark mode, faster machine learning, more responsive notifications, new visual design, privacy dashboard, and many more.

In addition, it could add or remove some animations, wallpapers, super wallpapers, sounds, a screen on time info in battery saver, and others.

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