MIUI 12.5 Tip: How to activate reverse wireless charging on Xiaomi smartphones

While most of us plug in to charge our phones, several smartphone users use wireless charging. This technology transfers energy to the receiving device through electromagnetic induction.

It is used to act as a charging station for wireless charging-enabled phones and to charge any other wireless devices. Whether it is any other phone, tablet, or true wireless headphones.


This is a feature that has been developed to be more common in flagship devices, first introduced by Huawei in 2018 on the Mate 20 Pro. Well, Xiaomi is not different. The company offers this technology in its various devices including smartphones as well as earbuds.

The list of Xiaomi phones that can be charged by wireless charging is given below. But before checking the list, let us know, how fast reverse wireless charging is? So, reverse wireless charging isn’t quick. This is a low-power solution that’s for emergency top-ups.

How to Activate Reverse Wireless Charging in Xiaomi Smartphones –

  • Head over Settings
  • Go to Battery and Performance
  • Access the upper section Battery and activate the option Reverse wireless charging

Note: If you activate the reverse wireless charging, the NFC connectivity will be deactivated.

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