Xiaomi conducting survey for MIUI 13’s Game Turbo UI [Link here]

Game Turbo is one of the most demanding features by smartphone users. It allows you to enjoy the max power of the game from the device’s CPU and GPU. Xiaomi’s Game Turbo already comes with a bunch of functionalities.

Still, the company is looking forward to giving a new look to the interface of Game Turbo. The tech giant has recently published five different possible designs for the new interface and asked users to choose the design of their preference.


The new game turbo themes are mentioned below. Interested MIUI users can detect their favorite interface and can inform the company via this link.

Before you click on the link:

It should be mentioned that the survey is in the Chinese language. However, you can translate the page using the way you like.

New MIUI Game Turbo:

Each of the participants shows how much the appearance of Game Turbo is going to be modernized. The buttons are slightly changed and so are the headers and colors. Some design shows striking tones while others opt for graphic details that make a noticeable difference at a visual level.

You can find frames on the sides, bright borders, and backgrounds with shapes or designs. Obviously, all themes don’t carry the same color. The company shows blue, purple, white, and other alternatives with gradient colors that create a stylish environment.

MIUI Game TurboMIUI Game TurboMIUI Game TurboMIUI Game TurboMIUI Game Turbo

What is Game Turbo:

MIUI Game Turbo is a framework enhancement that results in CPU and GPU optimization. Once it is enabled, it provides a bunch of customizations including General settings, Performance mode, Game DND, and Additional settings for the user.

Users can also customize individual games according to their gaming habits. They can also check selected system features such as turn off auto-brightness, turn off reading mode, and more to enhance the gaming experience.

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