Download the latest version of Mi AI Call Assistant [3.0.140]

Mi AI Call Assistant app is an official Intelligent Assistant service by Xiaomi. It uses location, text or voice input, and speech output to assist users in some basic daily needs.

It can understand a set of basic text or voice commands like – find a {place}, definition of {term}, search for {term}, location, news, weather, sports, famous quotes, jokes, tongue twisters, etc. It is intended to provide continuous speech recognition and hands-free voice automation for your mobile device.


It will be able to speak and hear the user with the screen off as long as you keep it busy by chatting with it. Some items are displayed on the screen in a list of response cards as supplemental information. You can also type in any commands. If you want to save the response text of a card to the clipboard you can long-press the robot image in the card.

Moreover, it uses a Place Location search based on your current location. Items will be returned that are closest to you first, and so on. By saying ‘next place’ you will get the next place in the list, etc. Details of the place can be returned by saying ‘get details’. You can then call or navigate to the place as well by saying ‘call place’, or ‘goto place’.

Search is provided by Google, you can say ‘search for {item}’ and it will return a page of numbered search result snippets including detail URLs. You can say ‘page next’ to move on to the next page of results. Or, just say ‘search details X to bring up a browser with the detailed contents of number X in the search result list.

Adding to all these, it can give you local weather forecasts. The ‘weather’ command will get your local weather and the ‘forecast’ command will return the 5-day forecast.

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You can also get basic word lookups by ‘definition of {term}’ command, and the ‘who is {name}’ or ‘what is {term}’. These are very early in development and may be expanded on later. Aside from this, for help in the app just say ‘help or help places’.

The application is currently running on version 3.0.140, Interested users can download the latest version via APKMirror or click on the link mentioned below.

Mi AI Call Assistant – Download the latest version

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