Latest MIUI 12.5 beta update adds sliding switch function to App vault

MIUI 12.5

Recently, the Chinese OEM started sending MIUI 12.5 beta update which carries version 21.1.19. While the company is again sending a new beta update for MIUI 12.5 that comes with version 21.1.20.

This newest beta update added a sliding switch function for step counting and sleep. It also adds intelligent assistant, new E-sports event, and football league and game status to the system.


Check the update log below.

Update log:

App Vault

  • Intelligent assistant (negative one screen)
  • New E-sports event
  • New football league game status
  • Added sliding switch function for step counting and sleep

Other than this, the update is expected to be released before 18:00 today and some models have been released. Also, due to the major version upgrade of Android, Redmi Note 9 4G will start to release MIUI12.5 in mid-to-late January 2021.

MIUI 12.5 features:

MIUI 12.5 supports Android gesture Turbo in the system, which is an extremely fast response. With MIUI 12.5, the computing power has been upgraded and different mobile phones become smoother.

This new version of Xiaomi’s custom skin brings system animation designs, new light cone dynamic effect architecture, system sound designs, hundreds of global biological sounds, new snow mountain Super wallpaper, new clipboard privacy protection, and many more.

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